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The Agfa-Gevaert Group develops, produces, and distributes an extensive range of imaging systems and IT solutions, mainly for the printing industry and the healthcare sector, as well as for specific industrial applications.

The business division DPC (Digital Print & Chemicals) is heavily involved in inkjet printing.

The Sign & Display business unit delivers integrated inkjet solutions that enable sign & display companies to create stunning prints at extreme productivity and extreme quality. The Agfa inks are developed and manufactured by Agfa. The solutions are based on Agfa developed software including complete workflow automation, color management, web-to-print, etc.

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The Industrial Inkjet business unit focuses on inkjet applications where printing is a part of an industrial production process. It takes an integrated solution approach for specific market segments, and an ink only-approach in other cases. Target markets include decorative laminates (floor and furniture), leather decoration (handbags, shoes etc.), and packaging (corrugated boxes).

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In the field of Printed Circuit Boards, Agfa is leading the transition from analog printing to digital printing with Legend inks, Solder Mask inks, etc.

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Contact:  Dr. Marc Graindourze 
Business Manager Industrial Inks
Tel: +32 494 560 224           

Septestraat 27
Mortsel 2640


Alchemie Technology was founded with the vision to deliver disruptive clean-tech digital manufacturing solutions.  We are creating the next generation of digital manufacturing technologies to enable industries to be more flexible, sustainable and satisfy the requirements of today's digital consumer.

Our digital platforms can utilise liquids, solids, and powders to build unique products and sustainable low carbon footprint industrial solutions with radical reductions in energy and cost.  Combined with the benefits of full digital control and high productivity, these solutions become a powerful proposition to enhance supply-chain agility and end to end production integration with e-commerce supply opportunities.

Today, adopted by diverse industries including Textiles with product examples such as:

· Endeavour – Advanced Waterless Textile Dyeing solution delivering 85% energy savings, 50% cost reductions with high throughput and eliminates wastewater.

· Novara – Breakthrough precision industrial digital coating 2D patterning of a wide range of functional materials

· Triton – High throughput digital powder patterning and texturing, including 3D structures, deploying multi-materials with low material waste.

Contact:  Dr. Alan Hudd

Founder & Director

Tel: +44 1223 751 644

Alchemie Technology

The Flight Sergeants Mess

Duxford Business Park

Hurdles Way

Duxford, Cambridge CB22 4PA 



BYK is a global leader in R&D, and a leading supplier of specialty additives for use in the digital printing industry. BYK’s portfolio includes surface additives, defoamers, rheology modifiers, adhesion promoters, dispersants, and wax additives that optimize both production and application processes, as well as improve the performance properties and quality of the finished product. BYK additives are compliant to local and global regulations including food contact applications. Our UV, water-borne and solvent-borne additives improve inks for DoD and CIJ printing on a variety of papers, non-porous substrates, ceramics, and textiles.

Contact:  Dhara Metla 

Graphic Arts End Use Manager

Tel: +1 860 919 2666    


524 South Cherry Street

Wallingford, CT 06492



DoDxAct Ltd is a technical services company providing tailored lab testing, practical advice, hands-on support and training to developers and users of industrial inkjet products & solutions. Based on our broad experience of applications and fluids, from labels to OLEDs and packaging to 3D, we work with our own laboratory resources or the client’s equipment or to demonstrate how to make inkjet work. Whether proving that initial idea through prototyping, creating optimised waveforms, helping design & build a printer or providing up-to-date technology analysis, we excel at getting the customer to where they want to be.

Contact:  Dr. Mark Bale


Tel: +44 7923 252 736

DoDxAct Limited

Unit 5, Rookery Farm,

Binegar, Somerset, BA5 2LW,



Epson is a global technology leader dedicated to co-creating sustainability and enriching communities by leveraging its efficient, compact, and precision technologies and digital technologies to connect people, things, and information.

Epson is now introducing its proven MEMs thin-film piezo inkjet printheads to OEMs for integration into their next-generation of digital industrial printers. Epson has continued to lead the industry in innovation with its Si MEMs-based PrecisionCore technology. With options for aqueous, UV and solvent-based ink, as well as flexible design configurations, Epson printheads provide the advanced performance and scalability you expect from a market leader.

Contact: Mike Raymond 
Business Development Manager 
Tel: +1 302-729-6811

Epson America, Inc.
3131 Katella Avenue
Los Alamitos, CA 90721



Global Inkjet Systems (GIS) is the global leader in developing software, printhead drive electronics and ink sub-systems for industrial markets, with over 14 years of proven innovation in the field.  GIS technology is production capable and designed to work reliably in 24/7 rugged industrial settings for key industrial printing applications such as product decoration, labels, textiles, packaging, décor, 3D printing and materials deposition. We are experts in image quality and offer a range of Atlas IQ software tools, which can be integrated into almost any inkjet press. Our commitment to R&D also makes us leaders in complex direct-to-shape applications through our Atlas DTS Studio software focusing on the coating and decoration of aerospace, automotive and other industrial components.  Our collaborative partnership approach offers OEMs and system builders the control and performance you need to print faster, smarter, better. In addition, GIS has strategic partnerships with Adobe, Esko and Sakata INX.

Contact:  Debbie Thorp 
Business Development Director 
Tel: +44 1223 733 733

Global Inkjet Systems Limited 
Edinburgh House, St John’s Innovation Centre, 
Cowley Road, Cambridge, CB4 0DS,


ImageXpert provides a complete platform for inkjet development, including automated drop-in-flight analysis, sample printing, and print quality analysis. JetXpert systems integrate printheads, drive electronics, ink supplies, and drop analysis into a single turnkey system for inkjet R&D. ImageXpert tools accelerate the development of inks, waveforms, printers, and printheads.

Contact:  Yair Kipman
Tel: +1 603-598-2500

460 Amherst Street
Nashua, NH 03063


Integrity is an experienced and full-service industrial inkjet systems integrator and developer, offering industrial inkjet system design, development, integration, and support.


Integrity provides the specialized tools and expertise to help you leverage the unique properties of inkjet for a wide range of challenging manufacturing applications.


Integrity provides application assessment and process verification to define system configuration and architecture options. We then fabricate custom inkjet systems to precisely meet your needs using a proven phased approach. Leveraging modules and components from a variety of our standard platforms enables rapid delivery and proven system design.


Integrity also sells and supports a full suite of inkjet evaluation platforms.  We distribute the Dimatix DMP 2850 and the SUSS MicroTec Pixdro LP50 as well as our own configurable DB-400 conveyor-based systems and our Bed-to-Bed Binder-Jet and Direct-Jet 3DPrint evaluation systems.

Contact:  Dr. Richard Baker


Tel: +1 603-790-0053         

Integrity Industrial Inkjet Integration, Inc.

16 Airpark Road

West Lebanon, NH 03784


IT Strategies.png

I.T. Strategies, Inc. is an established research consultancy dedicated to serving companies in digital industrial printing markets worldwide.  The company delivers intelligent data, analysis, strategy, and implementation practices to vendors in the digital printing industry around the world.  From offices in Boston and Tokyo, I.T. Strategies conducts and delivers research data, offers interpretation and advice, identifies specific opportunities, and helps organizations implement these strategies to achieve effective solutions. We are a custom consultancy built on a vision of digital printing's long-term dominance of document and industrial print markets – a vision in process of realization.

Contact:  Mark Hanley                      


Tel: +1 781-826-0200                       

I.T. Strategies

51 North Street

Hingham. MA 02043


Kao Collins.png

With facilities in the U.S., Spain, and Japan, Kao Collins is a leading provider of inkjet solutions. Through the development of eco-friendly solutions, Kao Collins seeks to maximize opportunities where inkjet can provide value and facilitate growth. Since 1980, the company has introduced innovative solutions that enable customers and OEMs to reduce costs, increase productivity, and expand offerings to various markets - graphics, commercial print, packaging, labeling, and consumer products.
Kao Collins formulates and manufactures innovative inkjet inks for high-speed, single-pass printing, including water-based, oil-based, solvent-based, UV-, LED-, and EB-curable technologies.

Contact:  Kristin Adams
Marketing Manager
Tel: +1 513-948-9000

Kao Collins Inc.
1201 Edison Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45216


Memjet is a global leader in inkjet printing R&D.  We design, develop and provide exceptional digital printing technologies that enable OEMs to explore new market opportunities, grow their businesses, and expedite time to revenue.  Our modular platforms combine printheads, inks, data paths, and modules; which make it simple and profitable for OEMs to integrate into their printing solutions into labels, packaging, mailing and addressing, publishing, commercial printing and 3D.


Memjet's range of printing platforms includes:

  • VersaPass® – a dye-based solutions that empowers OEMs to address the customer needs for a variety of print markets, including tabletop and entry-level press solutions.

  • DuraLink® – a pigment based modular print system that gives OEMs the ability to create market-leading press solutions in markets with higher print volumes.

  • DuraFlex™– a pigment based modular single-pass print solution that combines Memjet's signature features of speed, simplicity, and affordability with new attributes such as enhanced durability, A4 and A3 plus widths.

Contact:  Kelly Gornick

Product Marketing Manager & Content Strategist   

& Marketing Communications

Tel: +1-619-952-1420      


10918 Technology Place

San Diego, CA 92127



Michelman is an innovator of environmentally conscious primers and aqueous overprint coatings for all parts of the print product life cycle. They are also well known for developing barrier and functional coatings used to produce consumer and industrial paper products and commercially printed materials. They partner with OEMs to introduce new and sustainable technology for the press room with solutions designed to interact with multiple layer inkjet print stacks. Their DigiGuard® IJ, specially formulated for demanding aqueous inkjet applications, is a series of odorless, aqueous overprint coatings for folding cartons, direct mail, and brochures. They also offer technology for corrugate that protects inkjet-printed images during the demanding corrugation process. These durable, fast-drying coatings deliver improved water, chemical, and scratch resistance in a range of tailored surface finishes. They are cold-set gluable and can be used for indirect food contact applications. Michelman serves its customers with production facilities in North America, Europe, and Asia, product development and technical service centers in several major global markets, and a worldwide team of highly trained business development personnel.

Contact:  Dr. Susan Bailey    

Business Development Manager 

Tel: +1 513-654-7692                       


9080 Shell Road

Cincinnati, OH 45236


Pall Gmbh.PNG

Pall Corporation is the leader in separations technologies for the ink jet market. 

We offer the widest range of filtration and separations technologies that enable our customers to maximize productivity and reduce cost.

Target applications include:
•       Print Head Filtration to improve print quality and repeatability
•       Print Head Degassing to eliminate nozzle blocking and prevent misfiring
•       Pigment Filtration to remove unwanted salts, particles, polymers & surfactants
•       Dye filtration to remove insoluble particles
•       Filtration and Degassing of all digital ink types to remove oversized   

        contaminants and agglomerates

Pall’s technical team can assist in choosing the best product to solve your manufacturing challenges.  Our material science and graphic arts experts can review your specif
ic application and make technical recommendations to improve and optimize your specific process.

Contact:  Michael Mehler
Senior Key Account Manager
Tel: +49 6103 307 288 

Pall GmbH 
Philipp-Reis-Str. 6 
Dreieich, 63303


Sun Chemical continues to make revolutionary strides in delivering a complete line of inkjet products and technologies for a wide range of applications.  Our color, vibrancy, and durability exceed industry standards for inkjet inks and digital print systems.  Sun Chemical can also assist developers to formulate for applications in packaging, wide format printing, exterior and interior signage plus much more.

Contact:  David Propst 
Commercial Director, Digital
Tel: +1 513-304-3169

Sun Chemical Corporation 
5020 Spring Grove Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45232

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