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Alchemie Technology

Alchemie Technology was founded with the vision to deliver disruptive clean-tech digital manufacturing solutions. We are creating the next generation of digital manufacturing technologies to enable industries to be more flexible, sustainable and satisfy the requirements of today's digital consumer.
Our digital platforms can utilise liquids, solids, and powders to build unique products and sustainable low carbon footprint industrial solutions with radical reductions in energy and cost. Combined with the benefits of full digital control and high productivity, these solutions become a powerful proposition to enhance supply-chain agility and end to end production integration with e-commerce supply opportunities.
Today, adopted by diverse industries including Textiles with product examples such as:
• Endeavour – Advanced Waterless Textile Dyeing solution delivering 85% energy savings, 50% cost reductions with high throughput and eliminates wastewater.
• Novara – Breakthrough precision industrial digital coating 2D patterning of a wide range of functional materials
• Triton – High throughput digital powder patterning and texturing, including 3D structures, deploying multi-materials with low material waste.

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System Integrators
Other Technologies


3D/Additive Manufacturing Printers
Alchemie Technology
Development Units
Digital Coaters
Industrial Printers – Industry Specific
Product Development/R&D
Non-Inkjet Additive Manufacturing Technologies

Alchemie Technology
The Flight Sergeants Mess
Duxford Business Park
Hurdles Way
Duxford, Cambridge CB22 4PA

Contact: Dr. Alan Hudd
Founder & Director
Tel: +44 1223 751 644


Troy Group

TROY Group, Inc. is a worldwide leader in personalized, layered, document security solutions. TROY solutions are used to manage fraud,reduce risk and comply with regulations to protect each document at the point of issue. For high volume printing, TROY develops industrial inks as well as customized security inks for high value documents, labels, and package printing applications. TROY security inks are utilized for document authentication, copy detection and fraud deterrence of high value documents, such as birth certificates, passports, ID documents, and other crucial records.

Company Type: 

Inks & Fluids
System Components
Other Technologies


Radiation Cured (UV, Ebeam, etc.)
Desktop Printers
Industrial Printers – Industry Specific
Toner Based Technologies

TROY Group, Inc.
3 Bryan Drive
Wheeling, WV 26003

Contact: Francis Goossens
Business Development Manager
Tel: +1 304-907-1822

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